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"Naked" lending survey: girls can not repay or arrange money – Beijing prostitution "naked" lending after the media exposure, causing widespread concern. But recently, the reporter found that naked article lending is still prevalent in the wind, in part of the QQ group, there are sellers to college students to borrow treasure naked article as a gimmick to sell openly naked girl photos and videos. More private lenders said, after the naked article mortgage, such as the inability to repay on time, you can introduce the repayment of prostitution. In the case of naked bars lending repeatedly, experts said the net loan as a new form of loans, regulatory and governance more difficult. In August 24th, by the China Banking Regulatory Commission, the Ministry of public security, network information office officially released the four ministries "network credit information intermediary business activity management Interim Measures" for the campus net loan loan form will play a strong regulatory and governance effect. JINGWAH Times reporter intern reporter Wu Hongli Han Xueyan – report a seller of "naked" by the media repeatedly exposed, "bare" loans into more people’s vision. The media survey found that in some loan group, female college students "naked" borrowing has become an open secret, the "naked holding" can be the amount of loan is average loan amount of 2 to 5 times, but overdue will face the threat of being released nude. A naked holders of the borrower Kobayashi (a pseudonym) said in an interview with the media, she opened the shop because of the need to purchase, through the loan treasure on the platform of acquaintances borrowed 500 yuan. Not because of overdue repayment, she was introduced to the "naked" loans, the other asked her to send their photos, ID, name, home address and family contact, and several classmates contact, and ask for the identity of the Kobayashi handheld nude photos and video, to verify the information after loan 5000 yuan to her, a week of interest is 30%, because she was overdue, the lender’s threat, "they threatened not to send to friends and family photos." At the same time, Kobayashi told reporters that there are people in the QQ group in the open sale of college student loan treasure bare material". When a reporter to the identity of the buyer to add "naked" borrowing QQ after the introduction of the direction of the reporter, the sale of information is not timely repayment of college students "naked to" photos and videos, and personal information including contact information, home address, telephone and other information with school teacher. After the reporter paid to him, he immediately sent a few names for the loan treasure, naked article weekly update, the compression package. Folder containing more than hand holding a woman’s identity and video photos. According to the sales person, bare will be updated weekly, but must be paid for, and asked reporters whether to "personal data", but when a reporter after the payment, to sell the package and not his claim that "90 videos and 90 copies of personal data". Reporters repeatedly asked, the other no longer reply. In the investigation can not repay arrange prostitution reporters on the Internet with "naked" and "borrowing" keyword search, find a number of lenders contact. Reporters randomly added a nickname for credit loans users,.相关的主题文章:

The Hebei boys fall 40 meters deep well of the first rescuers their loss of value in new network – t seaway

The Hebei boys fall 40 meters deep well of the first rescuers: their loss of most value – Beijing, Beijing, Baoding, November 10, (Lv Zihao Yu Junliang) 10, Lixian County Hebei city in Baoding Province, 6 year old boy falling 40 meters deep well rescue rescue into the fifth day, entered the final critical stage. The 10 day at 13:30 PM, the first time to participate in the rescue of people love South Bingchen exclusive interview with Xinhua reporter said in an interview, as long as you can find the children, their loss of most value. According to the South China Sea, Baoding, Tangxian County people, with a machine to dig here yam yam. 11:20 on November 6th Xu, leading the two excavators in the vicinity from the incident and the Cong grandpa dig yam, when to eat lunch, Cong grandpa suddenly received a telephone call "the child fell into the well". 10, 14 PM, Hebei Lixian County Meng Changcun boys fall dry rescue scene. Yu Junliang photo I led two excavators immediately opened to the scene, the incident wellhead about 20 cm away from the surface, we first started digging." Nan Bingchen said that the local public security, fire rushed to the scene, and began to transport oxygen to the underground. Immediately, the community spontaneously organized charity groups have also joined the rescue. South China Sea, said that now China, the country is strong, people’s lives are rich, difficulties can be a force, which is fully reflected and interpretation of the great love. Involved in the rescue 5 days has affected income of more than 20 thousand yuan, but as long as you can find the child, their losses and then most of the value." The reporter also saw the scene, the missing boy grandpa Zhao earth squatting on the ground, bloodshot eyes dug pit waiting. Zhao said the earth, according to Liu’s sister said, is playing in the field when the chase accidentally fell into the well. "My brother, Zhao Yao, and his wife have fainted several times, and for a few days it was almost empty." The reporter also learned from the scene, 8, detect and rescue equipment of a rescue team from Shanxi to Xinzhou with their own R & D rushed to the scene, and two times of detection, but because there is too much fog and other reasons, not found traces of the child. Previously, Lixian County official informed that in November 6th 11 pm, Lixian County Hebei city in Baoding province in Changcun Meng, a 6 year old boy Cong Cong, followed his father into the Chinese cabbage, accidentally dropped about 40 meters deep in the well. After the accident, the local government immediately organized rescue. Immediately, the community spontaneously organized charity groups have also joined the rescue. (end)相关的主题文章:

District Hotel Asia Pacific Cooperation Forum opened in Hainan, Lingshui in 2016 三色网

The 2016 Asia Pacific Cooperation Forum opened in Lingshui Hainan District Hotel – travel channel full ACCCIM CRECC Lingshui summit and the 2016 Asia Pacific District Hotel cooperation forum opening ceremony in recent years, tourism consumption has become the whole society’s most important "consumer side", and the hotel industry has become a new engine to boost economic growth, in the face of the supply side continued to adjust, hotel industry innovation and development road in where? In August 26th, the joint CRECC Lingshui summit and the 2016 Asia Pacific Cooperation Forum held in Clear Water Bay District Hotel, Lingshui Li Autonomous County, many guests of the hotel industry on the road of innovation and development. 9 morning, the opening of the forum in the agile Raffles hotel. China Real Estate Chamber of Commerce Secretary Zhong Bin issued a "win in the service, Chinese real estate future blue ocean" keynote speech; Associate Professor, National Tourism Research Institute of Tsinghua University professor Yang Haoqiang made a speech entitled "supply side reforms, the new trend of the development of the hotel industry" speech. The forum held a roundtable forum leaders, from R & F, COFCO landmark, poly, agile, blue, CITIC, Biguiyuan, MGM, Hyatt and other well-known commercial real estate and Hotel Management Group executives, "the era of mass tourism, the hotel industry under a blue ocean" in depth, the continuous dry cargo. The same forum. Special overseas mergers and acquisitions presided over by the Katie Group Asia Pacific president Jia Qiong, in-depth discussion of the latest hot "Hotel Group International Merger and acquisition; asset securitization special for tourism real estate enterprises on how to inject" springhead "to provide professional experience benefit by mutual discussion, in order to combat the case. Guangdong, Bo Tao, Yu Ming, Jiahe holdings, Hilton, agile, Indochina, Jane, real smart, Vienna, with the brigade, Mengniu and other corporate executives as the main salon owners share the speakers, "the travel industry", "replacing business tax with value-added tax(VAT)", "online travel" and "the night apartment", "Internet plus" and other topics and guests on behalf of industry launched a positive dialogue. The forum integrates the resources of the local tourism industry in Hainan to build a platform for communication and cooperation. The evening of August 25th, the first session of the second council chamber of Commerce held last year, work is summarized, and in-depth discussion on contradiction, hotel investment and management value, responsibility, innovation, forming a "Lingshui consensus". It is understood that the evening of August 26th also held a new bull China Hotel awards. As the annual awards all union real estate investment Hotel Kameralny Association, agile, South Garden, Guangdong and other stone? The world excellent hotel management company won the award of new bull. The forum is organized by the Asia Pacific Hotel Association, China hotel industry Celebrity Club, trans union real estate chamber of Commerce, the high Hotel Kameralny investment business association, China Hotel magazine co hosted, Hainan Hotel and catering industry association. From the domestic and foreign tourism and commercial real estate developers, hotel operators, well-known investment and financing institutions, the industry chain and the mainstream media representatives of a total of 500 people attended. Click here to watch the video of the best tourist information > China; > Li Autonomous County People’s Government of Lingshui vice mayor Ding Min long speech at the opening ceremony of the whole union real estate)相关的主题文章:

Child recruitment scam requirements check someone reselling naked figure – Sohu news video sugus

Child recruitment scam: nude figure one inspection requirements of reselling video Sohu news recently, some friends broke the news that there is in the network culture with lady-killer star banner, to students for nude, and asked to do some action. A child who has participated in the recruitment of the number of public Sohu girl told Aurora, she had met several times for nude video recruitment, recruiters have also issued other girls nude video trying to persuade her. The aurora has found that recruiters use the same QQ release recruitment information in young girls and child erotic forum has made original. An undercover in this kind of platform for more than a year of friends said, he contacted hundreds of encountered this type of scam girls, these girls are mostly under 14 years of age, the lack of awareness of fraud prevention, even cheated also buganshengzhang. Some of the girls in nude nude pictures, video interview after being asked to do all kinds of trivial action, such as foreign body contact resistance will be threatened. He called on the community to strengthen the protection of girls in primary school education. According to the protection of girls @ friends broke the news reporting, have to debut as the star lady-killer temptation to schoolchildren for nude, and asked to do some action. Undercover in this kind of platform for more than a year of Zhao Mo (a pseudonym) to the public, Sohu said the name of the aurora, and some lady-killer star recruit job announcements in Baidu Post Bar, QQ interested tribal platform, and then in the interview to check the figure name required the girls to strip naked video, and even take nude even the threat of sexual assault. Chat screenshots provided by Zhao Mo, "Tong Xing dream — XXX, XX film agent boss" and "XX media training", "the XX Brothers Movie Group", "XX media", "Chongqing XX Tong Xing culture media company" and "Tong Xing X media -XX" in dozens of recruitment Tong Xing claims the regulations of the company, to build, development and detection of detection in video interview as required the girls to make clothes and other movements in the girls when they refused to persuade the other said "you don’t never the unspoken rule, (Tong Xing)", "this is all Tong Xing’s unspoken rules, even if you have to wear the arts male underwear in the front of the examiner check, sometimes get some girls naked photos or video," is it so for others". They required the girls to send two nude photos, that is all performing arts company requirements. Source: respondents provide recruiters for girls "clawed legs open", "bust". Source: respondents from chat record, and put forward to do a specified action requires some "employer". Netizen "Chongqing XX star culture media company" first interview claimed "need detection system comes with our system to detect your body and body measurements, an interview is not to wear clothes and trousers", then to interview girls drying out some girls nude photos and videos, and asked for an interview the girls do some specific actions, "insert the following is to test your sensitivity and your facial expression feel". Some recruiters issued wretched video required the girls to do. Source: respondents provide recruiters are required to do trivial action, explain "insert is to test your following sensitivity and load相关的主题文章:

Legal system of joint venture! Dongfeng Fengshen ax5 first car test drive experience – Sohu dingxiangwuyuetian

Legal system of joint venture! Dongfeng Fengshen AX5 first test drive experience – Sohu car car [produced] no secret with the domestic SUV market is hot, the major brands are constantly enrich its SUV product line, Dongfeng Fengshen after AX7 and AX3, launched its third SUV models, Dongfeng Fengshen AX5. Dongfeng Dongfeng Fengshen AX5 based on DF1 platform to build, positioning is a compact SUV. It is reported that the new car will be officially listed in November 29th, and today no secret king to experience the first one of this compact SUV, let us look at the following. Appearance, Dongfeng Fengshen AX5 adopts double banner chrome front grille, lower air intake using the trapezoidal design, but also equipped with a bumper on both sides of the bar shaped LED daytime driving lights like shape of the air inlet. Dongfeng Fengshen AX5 body size is 4501 mm *1806 mm *1650 mm, wheelbase up to 2630 mm. In addition, the new car is equipped with dual five spoke type double color Aluminum Alloy rim style is novel, increased the overall sense of fashion. The tail, the new car in the rear window is designed with a similar spoiler angle, with the double color under the shield design. The interior part, Dongfeng Fengshen AX5 with black and chrome trim collocation, the overall style is quite satisfactory. The configuration, high allocation of vehicles equipped with a separate 8 inch LCD screen and a startup configuration of Windlink system, built-in support for mobile phone interconnection. In addition, the new car is also equipped with a different configuration of the rear air outlet, four windows a key lift, as well as voice services. WindLink function can be achieved by WiFi or USB connection phone mapping function, and up to 5 mobile phones or tablet PCs. Other features include weather inquiries, online radio, illegal inquiries, calendar and other functions. In addition, there is a similar Jetion service center service, you can call the customer service to help navigation, road rescue and emergency call. The trunk space is not small, the rear seats recline to put forward a cushion, and seat back recline, so the trunk will form a flat storage space. The trunk can also find 12V power supply interface, floor backup tools and decentralization of full size spare tire. Power, equipped with Dongfeng Dongfeng Fengshen AX5 A14T engine, the engine uses a cylinder of aluminum alloy, and has inlet VVT continuously variable timing technology, PCD coating etc.. The transmission system, 1.4T engine matched with a 5 speed manual Getrag production pass 6 speed wet dual clutch gearbox DCT, also worth mentioning is that the new car is also equipped with STT intelligent start stop system.相关的主题文章: